Computers are easy to buy; sadly, having them serviced is not often an easy matter. Constantly we hear about the difficulties business professionals have finding competent and trustworthy computer service technicians. Perhaps you cannot justify the expense of having a full time IT professional on staff, but still require someone who understands your Windows NT, Windows XP/2000, or maybe you just need to add or move a few workstations. Whatever your requirements, you want someone competent who will show up when promised and solve the problem without disrupting your entire business.


Wizard Computers, Inc. was founded in 1994 to provide a solution to your computer needs along with a high-level of customer service. Our business philosophy is centered on three key attributes: Integrity, Competence, and Vision. These values are central to our relationships with all of our clients. We achieve these objectives by listening to our customers and employees, caring about their concerns, and continuously working for improvement as we strive to deliver unsurpassed levels of customer service.


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